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A Multi-Generational Approach

With over three decades of combined legal experience, Mike and Alex Ooley are a father-son team that is deeply committed to providing top-notch legal services to Southern Indiana clients. Their tech-savvy skills make them easily accessible to clients, allowing for open and clear communication. Both attorneys enjoy working on constitutional issues and aggressively defending their clients’ rights and freedoms.

About Our Services

Ooley Law offers a variety of legal services to clients throughout Southern Indiana. Our main areas of practice include: worker’s compensation; criminal defense and expungement; firearms and Second Amendment; family law mediation; civil mediation; worker’s compensation mediation; civil rights; personal injury; and simple wills, powers of attorney, living wills, gun trusts, and probate.

Worker’s Compensation

The Indiana worker’s compensation system is designed to provide benefits to injured employees while looking out for the financial interests of businesses and consumers. This system is notoriously complicated to navigate, and its laws and regulations are often difficult to comprehend. We have handled numerous worker’s compensation cases throughout the State of Indiana, and we are fully prepared to help you successfully navigate the worker’s compensation claims process and obtain the best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense & Expungement

Ooley Law is here to provide you with aggressive and effective legal defense strategies. We will handle most criminal cases, including self-defense, DUI, OWI, drug crimes, gun charges, probation violations, sentence modifications, and theft. If you need help petitioning a court to expunge a felony record, we can help you pursue that matter and restore your rights. We are also passionate about the opportunity to assist clients in the area of firearms law and the Second Amendment.

Personal Injury

Indiana recognizes that those who have suffered an injury due to someone else’s reckless or negligent actions are entitled to seek compensation. Our firm can help victims of auto accidents and other serious personal injuries caused by someone else file a personal injury claim and recover the compensation they are owed.

About Ooley Law

Attorney Mike Ooley has been practicing law in Indiana since 1993, helping individuals, families, and businesses achieve successful outcomes. Attorney Alex Ooley was admitted to practice law in Indiana in October of 2017, and since that time he has been actively engaged in representing those accused of criminal activity — handling a variety of cases from sentence modifications and rights restoration to drug crimes and allegations of violent crime. Mike teamed up with his son, Alex, in 2019 to form Ooley Law, and they now proudly assist Southern Indiana clients with a wide array of legal matters. Father and son are both firearms instructors certified by the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division. They have deep knowledge of and appreciation for firearms law, self-defense law and protecting constitutional rights. Contact Ooley Law today to work with dedicated attorneys Mike and Alex Ooley, who are committed to helping you receive the best possible outcome.

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