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Dennis Reichard

Dad and I took a snubbie revolver class with Dennis Reichard at Sand Burr Gun Ranch in 2015. Dennis Reichard recently passed away, and Massad Ayoob wrote the article at the link below in Reichard’s memory. His brutal honesty might

gun lawyer

Updates to Indiana Self-Defense and Firearms Law

Indiana House Bill 1284    We have some very good news to report regarding Indiana self-defense and firearms law. Governor Holcomb signed HB 1284 into law on April 26, 2019 at the NRA Annual Meetings. In part, HB 1284 provides


2019 NRA Annual Meeting and Updates

2019 NRA Annual Meeting and Updates to Indiana Self-Defense and Firearms Law We were on WSLM radio to discuss the NRA Annual Meeting, which took place in Indianapolis, and we also discussed a few new laws that were passed in


The 22nd Annual National Firearms Law Seminar

Today, my father and I attended the Annual NRA Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis, which takes place as part of the NRA Annual Meetings. The seminar is an all day seminar on firearms related legal issues. We heard from many


Asset Forfeiture

You may have heard of the phrase “policing for profit.” This does not mean just writing speeding tickets. It also includes a much more concerning law enforcement practice called asset forfeiture. To learn more about this practice and why it


Cell Phones After Self-Defense

Is it common for investigating police officers to take cell phones from armed citizens involved in use of force in self-defense, even if the armed citizen is not taken into custody after the incident? If this is common procedure in


Who Should Call 9-1-1?

If a Network member is accompanied by a friend or family member at the time of an armed self-defense incident, is it preferable that the 9-1-1 call be made by the associate? Why or why not? What information should the


New Gun Owner

The current political unrest regarding gun control is causing many people to purchase their first handgun. If you were to give one piece of advice to the brand new gun owner, what would that piece of advice be? The one