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Red Flag Laws and SCOTUS Retirement

Alex Ooley joins Paul Lathrop on The Daily Bullet to discuss Red Flag Laws and Justice Breyer’s retirement from the United States Supreme Court. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wuK07mVpXw&t=547s


The Daily Bullet

Alex Ooley was on The Daily Bullet by the Second Amendment Foundation to discuss a variety of news topics including a court ruling against the gun store closures in California, the concept of preemption, “Kyle’s Law,” and the status of


Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry is the phrase used to describe a state that does not require a license to carry a firearm. Constitutional carry is sometimes called permitless carry, and it simply recognizes that free people should not have to obtain a


Appeal from Conviction After Self-Defense

This month, we would like to explore appealing an unfavorable verdict. It is a big topic, so let’s focus these two concerns:   Do you generally do appellate work and if so, what are some of the primary hurdles compared


Kyle Rittenhouse Trial — The Daily Bullet

Alex Ooley was on The Daily Bullet with Paul Lathrop to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and not-guilty verdict. We also discussed the concept of self-defense and other issues that came up during the trial.