Expungements in Southern Indiana

Helping Southern Indiana Clients Clear Their Name Through Record Expungement

What is an Expungement?

An expungement is a legal process to seal your criminal records. If successful, the records would be unviewable to anyone outside the criminal justice system. While Indiana’s expungement law does not completely erase criminal records, it does prevent any non-governmental person or group from accessing your records. This extends to employment, banking, housing, and other entities.

Which Criminal Records Are Eligible for Expungement?

The court can expunge everything from arrests to protective orders and simple trial records. The actual expungement largely depends on the severity and circumstances of the record in question and, of course, the reasoning for the expungement request.

Leaders in Southern Indiana Expungements

We take pride in defending the rights and reputations of those who deserve a sealed record to have a fair chance at a clean slate. A criminal record can cause all sorts of housing, employment, and education issues, as well as cast a shadow over your reputation. Our firm can determine whether you may be eligible for expungement and if so, we will work hard to ensure that your rights are restored. Our goal is to help you start over without being haunted by your past mistakes.

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