Constitutional Carry in the Indiana House of Representatives

Posted 3 months ago — Ooley Law Blog

Yesterday, House Bill 1369 (HB 1369) got a hearing with the Public Policy Committee in the Indiana House of Representatives. If passed, HB 1369 would eliminate the licensing requirement for carrying a handgun in Indiana and would adopt “Constitutional Carry,” sometimes called “Lawful Carry” or “Permitless Carry.” HB 1369 would be a big step in the direction of less government and more freedom.

Guy Relford, CEO of The 2A Project, testified in support of the bill along with several other advocates, including the Sheriff from Jackson County, Indiana.

You can hear Guy Relford’s discussion of the hearing on the Tony Katz show at the link below:

Please contact your state Representative and your state Senator and tell them you support HB 1369. If you don’t know your state legislators, NRA has a very convenient link that you can use to contact them directly here: