Self-Defense in Southern Indiana

Vigorously Defending the Rights of Indiana Clients in Matters of Self-Defense

The state of Indiana believes it is your right to use force against another person if you have reasonable cause to believe your safety or that of someone else is in danger. However, these incidents can be unpredictable and chaotic, and you may find yourself facing criminal charges, even if you acted in self-defense. At Ooley Law, we are committed to ensuring that your voice is heard and that your rights are upheld, even if you had to resort to using desperate measures. No matter what the specifics of your case may be, we will aggressively defend your right to act in self-defense as we work tirelessly to secure you a favorable outcome.

Deadly Force

While you may never picture yourself resorting to ending someone’s life, you may find that using deadly force against an intruder or other menacing person is your best option for defending yourself and your loved ones. Under state laws, the use of deadly force is allowed in certain instances, but there must be a credible and immediate threat to your safety in order to justify your actions. You also have the right to use deadly force against an intruder who illegally enters your residence, the attached property, or your vehicle—if these places are occupied at the time of the intrusion. If your use of deadly force is being questioned, or if you acted in self-defense but have been charged with a criminal offense instead, call Ooley Law immediately to ensure your rights are upheld and protected.

Non-Deadly Force

If you genuinely believe that someone is an immediate threat to you or someone in your immediate vicinity, Indiana laws permit you to use “reasonable force” to defend yourself. Whether you strike, kick, shoot, or otherwise incapacitate the threatening individual, you should be able to justify your actions by explaining that you behaved out of self-defense. However, even if you acted in self-defense, you may find yourself facing probing questions or even criminal charges for inflicting harm on someone else. Our experienced self-defense attorneys will work hard to understand all the details of your case so that we can aggressively fight for your freedom. Call Ooley Law as soon as possible to get started.

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