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The first step to pursuing a worker’s compensation claim is to report your injury to your supervisor, even if you are not sure you will need to seek medical treatment. Make sure to request that your supervisor complete a written accident report that documents the circumstances of your injury and that you receive a copy of the report. If you seek medical treatment, make sure you save copies of the doctor’s notes and treatment recommendations. Work with your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier to discuss the process for obtaining compensation. If you need help pursuing a worker’s compensation claim, reach out to Ooley Law today to learn more.
Yes. Public defenders are generally very competent attorneys but are often over-burdened by too many cases. At Ooley Law, we can spend more time listening to you and understanding all the details of your case. We offer personalized attention to all of our clients, and we make your satisfaction our top priority. Defending your rights and freedom is our mission, and we will make sure you understand all of your options during each step of the process.

Indiana recognizes that people experience lapses in judgment, and the criminal justice system aims to appropriately penalize offenders for their criminal actions. However, criminal convictions often remain on your record for a long period of time, or even permanently, severely limiting your options for employment, and exercising other freedoms enjoyed by others. Expungement essentially allows you to petition the court to remove your criminal record. There are many factors that determine whether you are eligible to petition for expungement. The process itself can be complicated and lengthy, so if you are contemplating a petition for expungement, contact Ooley Law today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney who has a firm understanding of the expungement process.

There are many places where statutes and administrative codes prohibit licensed gun owners from carrying their firearms. If you are found to be in violation of these restrictions, you could face criminal charges carrying serious penalties, including jail time, costly fines, and the loss of your right to bear arms. If you have a question about firearm or gun laws, call Ooley Law today to receive the answers you need.

A gun trust is designed to assume ownership of firearms and suppressors (NFA items) that are heavily regulated by federal and state laws. Gun owners know that firearms are expensive assets, and gun trusts are intended to ease the legal transfer of ownership of the firearm. Created for Title II items such as machine guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles, gun trusts help simplify possession and transfer of these Title II / NFA items. Other potential benefits of a gun trust include: allowing more than one individual to possess the firearm held in the trust; avoiding the transfer tax and other transfer requirements; avoiding probate; allowing for multiple trustees that span many generations; and more. If you are interested in establishing a gun trust, Ooley Law is happy to help you understand the process and ensure that your investments are properly protected.

Yes. For couples who are ready to collaborate in order to move on with their lives, we recommend mediation. In a mediation, the individuals work together to create a unique solution with the help of a neutral professional. Mediation offers many potential benefits, including increased confidentiality; smoother communication and cooperation; a greater sense of personal empowerment over making decisions; a considerable amount of time and money that is saved; and an overall reduction in hostility. Call Ooley Law today to learn more about whether family law mediation is right for you.
Mediation offers an alternative environment in which to settle legal disputes. Under the guidance of a neutral party, known as the mediator, the disputing parties come together to discuss their goals and points of view, ultimately working together to create their own solution to the issue. Most types of civil disputes can be addressed through mediation, including worker’s compensation disputes, personal injury disputes, boundary and property line disputes, employment disputes, contract disputes or breaches, and many other issues. If you are curious about whether civil mediation could work for you, reach out to Ooley Law today to learn more or visit

First of all, it is essential that you seek medical attention for any injuries you received from the accident. Not only is it important for you to tend to your injuries, but having a medical professional document your injuries will help you build a strong personal injury claim. There are many factors involved in filing and pursuing a personal injury claim, so we encourage you to contact Ooley Law today to learn more about your options for pursuing compensation.

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