Mediation in Indiana

Helping Indiana Residents and Businesses Peacefully Resolve Their Legal Disputes

When facing a legal dispute, the idea of heading into a courtroom may be intimidating. However, there are other ways of resolving your conflict, such as mediation. The mediation process encourages you and the other party to negotiate and implement your own legal solution. With the support of your respective attorneys and under the guidance of a neutral third-party (a mediator), you can achieve an equitable outcome without the hassle and cost of going to court.

Mediation can be used to resolve any number of legal disputes, including family law issues, workers’ compensation conflicts, and civil cases, such as personal injuries, estate planning, and business law disputes. To learn more about whether mediation is right for you, get in touch with our office today.

Family Law Mediation ▹

Most family law matters can be successfully resolved through mediation. We can help you negotiate a number of family law disputes, including divorce, child support, child custody, visitation rights, grandparents’ rights, and more so that you can obtain a fair outcome.

Worker’s Compensation Mediation ▹

If an employee is injured on the job, they may file a workers’ compensation claim. Through mediation, the employee and employer can negotiate a fair settlement. We are committed to helping both parties achieve a peaceful and equitable outcome.

Civil Case Mediation ▹

Mediation works well for a number of civil cases, such as business disputes, personal injury claims, estate planning issues, and more. Whatever your specific goals may be, we’re here to guide you through the mediation process.

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