Wills & Estates in Southern Indiana

Creating Customized Estate Plans to Serve Your Needs

When it comes to protecting your future, an estate plan is essential to ensure that your vision is realized, even after you pass away. Ooley Law will work with you to create a simple will, advance healthcare directive, powers of attorney, and other key documents that safeguard your wishes. Once a loved one has passed on, we will help the beneficiaries navigate the probate period and ensure that the estate is dispersed per the decedent’s wishes. For more information about wills, powers of attorney, or probate, reach out to Ooley Law today.

Wills & Power of Attorney

Our estate planning lawyers will discuss your vision for the future and help you create a living will and a simple will that are suited to support these goals. We will also help you understand how designating a power of attorney will ensure that your wishes are known and carried out, no matter what the future may hold. 


When a loved one passes away, their estate enters a period known as probate, during which the estate is assessed, debts are paid off, and assets are distributed to beneficiaries. There are several steps to the process, and disputes may arise along the way, so we are here to ensure that you are supported throughout the process and achieve a peaceful resolution. 

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Make sure that your future is in good hands by putting an estate plan in place well before it becomes necessary. The skilled wills & estates attorneys at Ooley Law will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Call our Borden office at (812) 567-3848 today to schedule an initial consultation.