US Army Corps of Engineers to Remove Restriction for Carrying Firearms on Corps Projects

Posted 2 years ago — Ooley Law Blog

Many are not aware that firearms are not allowed on Corps of Engineer property. However, there is a push to end this prohibition, and the Firearms Policy Coalition has created a way to make your voice heard on the issue. In FPC’s April 20, 2020 “Legal Policy Letter,” they note that:

The  Corps of  Engineers  (“COE”)  is right to point out that most federal projects defer to local law respecting the possession of firearms. Indeed, the COE have, somewhat inexplicably, held on to this Nixon-era prohibition of arms on federal property for far too long. Indeed, the change seems almost comically overdue. That said, we would like to communicate an issue with the manner in which this is being dealt with.

The FPC has also created a form you can use to submit your comments to the Federal Register on this topic. You can submit your comments at the following link: