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Talking to an Attorney

We understand that law firms are busy places focused on defending people with current legal problems. How do you recommend a Network member who does not have a pending legal issue connect with an attorney for a brief consultation to


Cell Phones After Self-Defense

Is it common for investigating police officers to take cell phones from armed citizens involved in use of force in self-defense, even if the armed citizen is not taken into custody after the incident? If this is common procedure in


Who Should Call 9-1-1?

If a Network member is accompanied by a friend or family member at the time of an armed self-defense incident, is it preferable that the 9-1-1 call be made by the associate? Why or why not? What information should the


New Gun Owner

The current political unrest regarding gun control is causing many people to purchase their first handgun. If you were to give one piece of advice to the brand new gun owner, what would that piece of advice be? The one


Civil Liability After Self-Defense

Can a person who shoots in self-defense be held criminally or civilly liable for injuries to an innocent third person, in spite of being justified in the use of deadly force against the attacker? From the outset, it is important


License to Carry a Firearm v. License to Drive

We often hear that, if the government requires training and a license to drive to make the roads safer, then it makes sense that we would require people to obtain training and a license before they carry a firearm. This article

Ooley Law

TIMBS v. INDIANA: A Win for Individual Rights

We constantly hear from our local, state and federal officials about their concern for “keeping us safe” from a plethora of mostly imaginative or government-created danger. This is probably not much different than the historical arguments made by previous dictators,

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The Issues With Red Flag Laws

Many states are considering or already have “red flag laws” to allow a police agency to confiscate guns from an armed citizen if someone believes they pose a danger and can get a judge to issue an order to remove

Indiana Workers' Comp Law

History of Workers’ Compensation

As the industrial revolution advanced and production of goods and services moved to larger businesses in cities rather than production by the family unit, farmer, or artisan, injured workers, and their families were often devastated by work-related injuries. Employees often